Croydon Tool Hire
Access Equipment - Double Ladders1 Day2 Day3 Day7 DayDeposit
3.4m (12~) Closed - 6.1m (20~) Open£12.50£14.00£16.00£19.00£75.00
Access Equipment - Treble Ladder1 Day2 Day3 Day7 DayDeposit
2.4m (8~) Closed - 5.9m (19~) Open£11.00£13.00£15.00£17.00£75.00
3.0m (10~) Closed - 7.5m (25~) Open£12.00£14.00£16.00£18.00£75.00
3.5m (12~) Closed - 9.1m (29~) Open£16.00£18.00£20.00£25.00£100.00
Access Equipment - Combination Ladder1 Day2 Day3 Day7 DayDeposit
5.0m (16')£19.50£24.00£26.50£29.00£75.00
Access Equipment - Roof Ladder1 Day2 Day3 Day7 DayDeposit
5.1m (17')£14.00£16.50£19.00£21.00£75.00
Access Equipment - Ladder Stay1 Day2 Day3 Day7 DayDeposit
Ladder Stay Accessory£5.00£5.50£6.00£7.50£10.00
Access Equipment - Fibre Glass Steps1 Day2 Day3 Day7 DayDeposit
8 Tread 1.7m (3.5.m working height)£10.00£11.00£12.00£14.50£50.00
10 Tread 2.1m (3.8m working height)£10.50£11.50£12.50£15.50£50.00
12 Tread 2.5m (4.2m working height)£11.00£12.00£13.00£16.50£50.00
Access Equipment - Sherpascopic Step1 Day2 Day3 Day7 DayDeposit
7-9 Tread (1.7m - 2.2m platform)Minimum Hire 7 Days£33.00£100.00
Access Equipment - Podium Steps1 Day2 Day3 Day7 DayDeposit
1.2m PlatformMinimum Hire 7 Days£32.50£100.00
1.6m PlatformMinimum Hire 7 Days£34.50£100.00
Access Equipment - Delta Deck1 Day2 Day3 Day7 DayDeposit
0.45m - 0.9m PlatformMinimum Hire 7 Days£32.50£75.00
Access Equipment - Raza Deck1 Day2 Day3 Day7 DayDeposit
Folding Tower (0.5m - 1.0m - 2.0m Platform)Minimum Hire 7 Days£34.50£100.00
Access Equipment - Staging1 Day2 Day3 Day7 DayDeposit
2.4m (8')£10.00£10.50£11.00£12.00£50.00
3.0m (10')£10.50£11.00£11.50£13.00£50.00
3.5m (12')£11.00£11.50£12.00£14.00£50.00
4.2m (14')£11.50£12.00£12.50£15.00£50.00
5.0m (16')£12.00£12.50£13.00£16.00£50.00
Access Equipment - Scaffold Board1 Day2 Day3 Day7 DayDeposit
2.4m (8~)Minimum Hire 7 Days£1.75£10.00
3.0m (10~)Minimum Hire 7 Days£1.75£10.00
4.0m (13~)Minimum Hire 7 Days£1.75£10.00
Access Equipment - Steel Trestle1 Day2 Day3 Day7 DayDeposit
No.1 0.4m-0.8mMinimum Hire 7 Days£2.50£10.00
No.2 0.8m-1.3mMinimum Hire 7 Days£2.50£10.00
No.3 1.0m-1.7mMinimum Hire 7 Days£2.50£10.00
Access Equipment - Safety Harnesses1 Day2 Day3 Day7 DayDeposit
Fall Arest Inertia Reel LanyardMinimum Hire 7 Days£50.00£100.00
Fall Arest LanyardMinimum Hire 7 Days£5.50£20.00
Fixed LanyardMinimum Hire 7 Days£5.50£20.00
Full Body Safety HarnessMinimum Hire 7 Days£21.00£50.00
Access Equipment - Aluminium Towers1 Day2 Day3 Day7 DayDeposit
3.2m (10~)Minimum Hire 7 Days£59.00£250.00
4.2m (14~)Minimum Hire 7 Days£69.00£300.00
6.2m (20~)Minimum Hire 7 Days£85.00£400.00
7.2m (24~)Minimum Hire 7 Days£95.00£480.00
8.2m (27~)Minimum Hire 7 Days£105.00£540.00
9.2m (30~)Minimum Hire 7 Days£115.00£600.00
10.2m (34~)Minimum Hire 7 Days£125.00£680.00
12.2m (40~)Minimum Hire 7 Days£135.00£800.00
Stairwell Tower 1.0/2.0MMinimum Hire 7 Days£69.00£250.00
Stairwell Tower 1.5/2.5MMinimum Hire 7 Days£69.00£250.00
Stairwell Tower 2.0/3.0MMinimum Hire 7 Days£69.00£250.00
Stairwell Tower 2.5/3.5MMinimum Hire 7 Days£79.00£350.00
Stairwell Tower 3.0/4.0MMinimum Hire 7 Days£79.00£350.00
Stairwell Tower 3.5/4.5MMinimum Hire 7 Days£79.00£350.00
Stairwell Tower 4.0/5.0MMinimum Hire 7 Days£89.00£400.00
Stairwell Tower 4.5/5.5MMinimum Hire 7 Days£89.00£400.00
Stairwell Tower 5.0/6.0MMinimum Hire 7 Days£89.00£400.00
Heating, Drying - Air Conditioning1 Day2 Day3 Day7 DayDeposit
Air Conditioning 12000 BTUMinimum Hire 7 Days£35.00£75.00
Air Conditioning 8500 BTUMinimum Hire 7 Days£29.00£75.00
Air Cooler (evaporative)Minimum Hire 7 Days£35.00£100.00
Fan 0.45m (18")Minimum Hire 7 Days£17.00£50.00
Heating, Drying - Drying & Heating1 Day2 Day3 Day7 DayDeposit
Cabinet HeaterMinimum Hire 7 Days£9.90£50.00
Convector HeaterMinimum Hire 7 Days£6.50£25.00
Dehumidifier (large)Minimum Hire 7 Days£55.00£150.00
Dehumidifier (small)Minimum Hire 7 Days£45.00£100.00
Fan HeaterMinimum Hire 7 Days£15.00£50.00
Gas Cylinder (13kg / 19kg / 47kg)Minimum Hire 7 Days£5.00£25.00
Red Rad Heater (32amp 110v)Minimum Hire 7 Days£32.00£100.00
Space Heater (15000BTU)Minimum Hire 7 Days£38.00£50.00
Breakers, Drills, Fixing - Air Tools1 Day2 Day3 Day7 DayDeposit
Air Compressor 240v/110v 3CFM£20.00£24.00£27.00£35.00£100.00
Nail Gun (16Gauge Brads)£10.00£12.00£14.50£16.50£50.00
Breakers, Drills, Fixing - Drilling & Breaking1 Day2 Day3 Day7 DayDeposit
Angle Drill (10mm or 13mm chuck)£12.00£14.50£17.00£20.00£50.00
Breaker (kango) Heavy£30.00£37.00£46.00£55.00£150.00
Breaker (kango) Light£16.00£20.50£25.50£29.00£100.00
Breaker (kango) Medium£18.00£23.00£28.00£33.00£100.00
Breaker Hydraulic (petrol)£45.00£60.00£72.00£85.00£200.00
Cordless Angle Drill / Impact Screwdriver£12.00£14.50£17.00£21.00£50.00
Cordless Drill/Driver£10.00£12.50£15.00£18.00£50.00
Cordless SDS drill£17.00£21.00£25.00£29.00£75.00
Diamond Core Drill£16.00£20.00£24.00£28.00£100.00
Diamond Core Drill core bit 25mm£6.50£7.50£8.50£10.00£10.00
Diamond Core Drill core bit 38mm£4.50£5.50£6.50£7.50£10.00
Diamond Core Drill core bit 50mm£5.50£6.50£7.50£9.00£10.00
Diamond Core Drill core bit 65mm£7.00£8.00£9.00£10.00£10.00
Diamond Core Drill core bit 75mm£7.50£8.50£9.50£11.50£10.00
Diamond Core Drill core bit 100mm£9.50£12.00£14.00£16.50£20.00
Diamond Core Drill core bit 117mm£11.50£13.50£15.00£18.00£20.00
Diamond Core Drill core bit 127mm£14.00£16.50£19.00£22.00£30.00
Diamond Core Drill core bit 152mm£16.00£18.00£21.00£24.00£40.00
Diamond Core Drill Extension Bar c/w alen key£1.00£1.25£1.50£1.80£5.00
Diamond Core Drill Pilot Drill Bit£1.20£1.40£1.80£2.20£5.00
Magnetic Drill£30.00£37.00£45.00£52.00£150.00
Pick AxeMinimum Hire 7 Days£9.50£25.00
SDS Hammer Drill£10.00£13.50£17.00£20.00£75.00
Sledge Hammer (7lb or 14lb)Minimum Hire 7 Days£9.50£25.00
Breakers, Drills, Fixing - Fixing & Nailing1 Day2 Day3 Day7 DayDeposit
Cartidge Gun (Hilti DX450/Spit Gun)£18.00£22.00£28.00£36.00£100.00
Nail Gun Brad (air)£10.00£12.00£14.50£16.50£25.00
Paslode Nail Gun (19-64mm Brads)£26.00£32.00£39.00£45.00£150.00
Paslode Nail Gun (51-90mm Nails)£26.00£32.00£39.00£45.00£150.00
Porta Nailer£17.00£21.00£25.00£30.00£100.00
Sash CrampMinimum Hire 7 Days£8.00£20.00
Screwdriver Auto Feed 110v Makita 6843£24.00£27.00£30.00£38.00£100.00
Screwdriver/Dry Wall Screwdriver£10.00£12.50£15.00£17.50£50.00
Spot Nailer (air)£12.50£15.00£17.50£22.00£50.00
Building Equipment - Acrows1 Day2 Day3 Day7 DayDeposit
Size 0 1.0m - 1.80mMinimum Hire 7 Days£2.40£10.00
Size 1 1.7m - 3.00mMinimum Hire 7 Days£2.40£10.00
Size 2 1.9m - 3.30mMinimum Hire 7 Days£2.40£10.00
Size 3 2.6m - 3.90mMinimum Hire 7 Days£3.00£10.00
Size 4 3.2m - 4.80mMinimum Hire 7 Days£3.00£10.00
Strong BoyMinimum Hire 7 Days£6.00£10.00
Building Equipment - Concrete Equipment1 Day2 Day3 Day7 DayDeposit
Cement Mixer 4/3 (110v/240v)£20.00£23.00£26.00£29.00£100.00
Cement Mixer 4/3 (petrol)£24.00£28.00£32.00£35.00£100.00
Upright Rammer (petrol)£29.50£37.00£45.00£52.00£150.00
Vibrating Plate (petrol) (Wacker Plate)£25.00£30.00£34.00£45.00£100.00
WheelbarrowMinimum Hire 7 Days£9.50£25.00
Building Equipment - Road Works1 Day2 Day3 Day7 DayDeposit
Avalon Barrier (2m)Minimum Hire 7 Days£4.50£25.00
Cable Avoidance Tool£29.00£36.00£43.00£49.00£100.00
Line MarkerMinimum Hire 7 Days£15.00£25.00
Road Cone 30"Minimum Hire 7 Days£2.50£7.50
Road Sign (various)Minimum Hire 7 Days£6.50£25.00
Signal Generator£25.00£27.50£31.00£33.00£100.00
Building Equipment - Rubbish Chute1 Day2 Day3 Day7 DayDeposit
1M SectionMinimum Hire 7 Days£7.00£25.00
HopperMinimum Hire 7 Days£7.00£25.00
Scaffold BracketMinimum Hire 7 Days£7.00£25.00
Y~ SectionMinimum Hire 7 Days£7.00£25.00
Building Equipment - Survey Equipment1 Day2 Day3 Day7 DayDeposit
Dumpy Level (automatic level)Minimum Hire 7 Days£34.50£100.00
Lazer Level Green BeamMinimum Hire 7 Days£95.00£250.00
Building Equipment - Welding1 Day2 Day3 Day7 DayDeposit
Arc Welder£15.00£17.00£20.00£27.50£100.00
Building Equipment - Dust Extraction1 Day2 Day3 Day7 DayDeposit
Additional 4m HoseMinimum Hire 7 Days£4.00£15.00
Dust Extraction Unit (inc 1x 4m Hose)Minimum Hire 7 Days£20.00£75.00
Cleaning, Decorating - Cleaning Equipment1 Day2 Day3 Day7 DayDeposit
Carpet Cleaner£15.00£18.00£24.00£33.00£100.00
Floor Tile Lifter£35.00£44.00£53.00£62.00£100.00
Pressure Washer Cold£22.50£28.00£34.00£39.00£100.00
Pressure Washer Cold (Diesel)£60.00£72.50£90.00£145.00£300.00
Vacuum Cleaner (single motor)£12.00£15.50£19.00£22.00£100.00
Vacuum Cleaner (twin motor)£23.00£25.50£30.00£35.00£100.00
Vacuum Dust Extraction with Power Take Off£29.00£34.00£40.00£48.00£150.00
Cleaning, Decorating - Decorating Equipment1 Day2 Day3 Day7 DayDeposit
DPC Machine£30.00£36.00£43.00£50.00£100.00
Floor Tile Lifter£25.00£36.00£47.00£58.00£100.00
Paint Stripper£8.50£10.50£12.50£15.00£50.00
Plaster Board Lifter£35.00£45.00£55.00£75.00£150.00
Plaster Mixer c/w Paddle£19.50£24.50£29.50£34.00£100.00
Wall Steamer£12.00£14.00£15.50£19.00£75.00
Woodworm Sprayer£8.00£9.00£10.00£11.00£50.00
Cutting, Grinding1 Day2 Day3 Day7 DayDeposit
Angle Grinder 115mm/125mm£7.50£9.50£11.75£14.00£75.00
Angle Grinder 230mm£10.00£12.50£13.50£14.50£75.00
Bandsaw MA615£51.00£59.00£67.00£75.00£200.00
Biscuit Joiner£15.00£20.00£25.00£30.00£75.00
Block Cutter£17.50£21.50£26.00£30.00£75.00
Chop Saw (metal cut abrasive wheel)£18.00£23.00£28.50£32.00£75.00
Circular Saw 7"£10.00£13.00£15.00£17.00£50.00
Circular Saw 9"£12.00£14.00£16.00£18.00£50.00
Clipper Saw (petrol)£65.00£75.00£85.00£95.00£200.00
Cut Off Saw (2-stroke petrol)£23.00£28.50£34.00£39.00£150.00
Flip Over Saw (bench saw)£25.00£33.00£41.00£48.00£100.00
Floor Saw 460mm (18" petrol)£55.00£65.00£75.00£85.00£200.00
Laminate Trimmer£12.00£16.00£20.00£24.00£50.00
Mitre Saw (wood cut)£20.00£26.00£32.00£38.00£100.00
Multi Tool/Cutter 110v£15.00£17.50£21.00£25.00£100.00
Nibbler (metal 1.6mm)£12.00£16.00£20.00£24.00£50.00
Planer (wood)£12.00£14.50£17.00£20.00£50.00
Sabre Saw£13.00£16.00£19.00£22.00£50.00
Shear (metal)£15.00£20.00£25.00£30.00£50.00
Tile Cutter Diamond (large electric)£35.00£40.00£55.00£65.00£150.00
Tile Cutter Diamond (small electric)£22.00£27.00£33.00£39.00£75.00
Wall Chaser (diamond 230mm)£30.00£37.00£44.00£50.00£100.00
Work Top Jig/Template£12.00£14.50£17.00£20.00£50.00
Site Security - Fencing & Barriers1 Day2 Day3 Day7 DayDeposit
Avalon Barrier (2m)Minimum Hire 7 Days£4.50£10.00
Heras Fencing (3.5m x 2m) inc block & coupler (min 2 week)Minimum Hire 7 Days£2.85£10.00
Site Security - Site Security1 Day2 Day3 Day7 DayDeposit
Heras Fencing (3.5m x 2m) inc block & coupler (min 2 week)Minimum Hire 7 Days£2.85£10.00
Site Security Box (4x2x2) Twin Chub LockMinimum Hire 7 Days£13.25£100.00
Gardening Equipment1 Day2 Day3 Day7 DayDeposit
Brush Cutter/Strimmer (2-stroke petrol)£19.00£25.50£30.00£35.00£100.00
Chipper up to 50mm (petrol) Camon C50£36.00£43.00£50.00£60.00£150.00
Cultivator/Rotovator (petrol)£45.00£60.00£75.00£90.00£200.00
Garden Roller (water fill)Minimum Hire 7 Days£9.50£25.00
Hedge Cutter (petrol)£17.00£22.00£26.00£34.00£100.00
Lawn Mower (petrol)£15.00£21.00£28.00£35.00£100.00
Post Hole Borer 8" (2-Stroke Petrol)£35.00£45.00£55.00£65.00£150.00
Shuv HolerMinimum Hire 7 Days£16.00£50.00
Turf Cutter (petrol)£39.00£48.00£60.00£75.00£200.00
Lifting Equipment1 Day2 Day3 Day7 DayDeposit
4 Wheel TrolleyMinimum Hire 7 Days£30.00£100.00
Block & Tackle 0.5 TONMinimum Hire 7 Days£25.00£100.00
Block & Tackle 1.0 TONMinimum Hire 7 Days£27.00£100.00
Board Trolley 2-wheelMinimum Hire 7 Days£18.00£100.00
Board Trolley 4-wheelMinimum Hire 7 Days£25.00£100.00
Cable Drum Jacks c/w BarMinimum Hire 7 Days£55.00£100.00
Ginn Wheel£5.00£6.00£7.00£8.00£25.00
Glass Lifter (Tripple Suction Cup)£6.00£6.75£7.50£8.50£25.00
Material Lift (Gennie Lift)£60.00£72.50£85.00£110.00£350.00
Pallet Truck (2 Ton)£16.00£20.00£24.50£28.50£100.00
Pallet Truck (2 Ton) 2m Long ForkMinimum Hire 7 Days£38.50£100.00
Plaster Board Lifter£35.00£45.00£55.00£75.00£150.00
Sack TruckMinimum Hire 7 Days£9.50£50.00
Sack Truck Stair ClimbingMinimum Hire 7 Days£18.00£50.00
Webbing SlingMinimum Hire 7 Days£7.00£20.00
Plumbing, Pumping - Pipe Work1 Day2 Day3 Day7 DayDeposit
Conduit Bender£13.50£16.50£19.50£22.00£50.00
Drain PlugMinimum Hire 7 Days£4.00£10.00
Drain Rod Set (10x Rods 2x Attachments)£10.00£11.00£12.50£15.00£25.00
Pipe Vice£6.00£7.50£9.00£11.00£50.00
Power Flush Central Heating Pump£50.00£63.00£76.00£95.00£150.00
Pressure Tester£14.00£16.50£19.00£22.00£75.00
Roofing Torch (triple head)£16.00£18.00£20.00£22.00£50.00
Snap Cutter£18.00£21.00£24.00£30.00£75.00
Threader Electric 110v 1/2" - 1 1/4" (conduit)£25.00£30.00£35.00£42.00£100.00
Threader Manual 1/2" - 1 1/4" (conduit)£9.00£12.00£14.50£17.00£50.00
Plumbing, Pumping - Water Pump1 Day2 Day3 Day7 DayDeposit
Puddle Pump (residue pump) 110v£18.95£24.00£29.00£34.00£100.00
Submersible Pump 2"£18.95£24.00£29.00£34.00£100.00
Power, Lighting - Generator1 Day2 Day3 Day7 DayDeposit
2.2KVA 240v/110v (petrol)£19.00£24.00£29.00£35.00£100.00
3.4KVA 240v/110v (petrol)£25.00£30.00£35.00£42.00£100.00
6.0 KVA 110v/240v Super Silence Generator (diesel)£87.00£105.00£128.00£150.00£600.00
Power, Lighting - Lighting1 Day2 Day3 Day7 DayDeposit
Festoon Light (25m 10xlamp kit)£6.00£7.00£8.00£9.00£25.00
Floodlight (500w)Minimum Hire 7 Days£8.00£15.00
Floodlight LED 110v 30wMinimum Hire 7 Days£15.00£40.00
Lead LightMinimum Hire 7 Days£5.00£15.00
Plasters Light£7.00£8.50£9.00£10.50£25.00
Power, Lighting - Power1 Day2 Day3 Day7 DayDeposit
2.2KVA 240v/110v (petrol)£19.00£24.00£29.00£35.00£100.00
3.4KVA 240v/110v (petrol)£25.00£30.00£35.00£42.00£100.00
6.0 KVA 110v/240v Super Silence Generator (diesel)£87.00£105.00£128.00£150.00£600.00
Extension Lead 110v 32ampMinimum Hire 7 Days£7.50£15.00
Extension Lead 110v/240v 14m (16amp/13amp)Minimum Hire 7 Days£5.00£10.00
Junction Box£5.00£6.00£7.00£8.00£10.00
Transformer 3KVA£5.00£6.00£7.00£8.00£25.00
Transformer 4.5KVA Plug In£9.00£11.50£13.00£15.00£50.00
Transformer 5KVA Metal Body Plug In£15.00£18.00£20.00£24.00£50.00
Transformer 10KVAMinimum Hire 7 Days£22.00£100.00
Sanding Equipment - Sanding Equipment1 Day2 Day3 Day7 DayDeposit
Belt Sander (100mm/4")£12.00£14.00£17.00£20.00£50.00
Floor Sander & Edger£32.00£44.00£54.00£68.00£200.00
Orbital Sander (1/2 sheet)£10.00£12.00£14.00£16.00£50.00
Palm Sander£10.00£12.00£14.00£16.00£50.00
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