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Leica Roteo 35G - Green Beam

New to the hire fleet

Leica Roteo 35G - Green Beam Laser Level

Best visibilty
The Leica Roteo 35G is based upon the very popular Leica Roteo35 instrument, but has the added avantage of a powerful green beam laser.

Brighter Laser Beam
The Leica Roteo 35G features a high quality green beam laser which is 40% more visible to the human eye than standard red beam laser levels.

Very Versatile
The integrated motorised wall mount, bright visible beam, horizontal and vertical lines or an exact 90° angle – it is no problem for the Leica Roteo 35. The rotating laser can automatically self-level for inclined set-ups of up to ± 4.5°. Scanning mode makes work easier by improving visibility in bright lighting conditions.

600KG Beam Lift


  • Lifting capacity 600 kg. Maximum lifting height 3 m.
  • High precision by using screw thread adjustment.
  • Fully detachable and easy to build up.
  • Uses two elevators for fitting beams.
  • Rotational platform
  • Crane hook to lift loads from the ground.

Central Heating Power Flush


Higher flow rate and larger tank capacity than the original CF90 Quantum.
Cleans systems up to 40 radiators (3 storeys).
Integral tank handle for greater toughness. 
Protects from impact damage and won't corrode.
Larger diameter filler cap for easier addition of chemicals.
Three-port valves for easier dumping operation.
Improved tank shape gives greater stability, particularly when in a vehicle.
Tank has hand-holds front and back for ease of handling
Large diameter 200mm stair wheels to make it easy to move, even when full of water.
Higher temperature capability.
Acid-proof: descales combination boilers, water heaters and other equipment.

Stair Climbing Sack Truck

An industrial sack truck, developed for tough daily use. The CSL2 stair climbing sack truck has castors that are specifically configured to allow it to be used to carry loads up & down stairs.

  • Maximum capacity 150kg
  • Approved to European TUV/GS standards
  • Powder coated, tubular steel construction
  • 25mm (1") diameter tube
  • Heavy duty 5mm thick toe-plate
  • Dimensions (LWH) 520x500x1020mm
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